Our History

History of NVC-BI

NVC-BI is the intelligence division of NVC Fund Holding Trust, a private equity investor in the network of wealth management. The Holding Trust is a private equity; primarily investing in natural resources, oil and gas, entertainment, real estate development and business services.

The NVC Business Intelligence is the internal team of financial and technology strategists with mental keenness, thought leadership, superior business acumen and the ability to cope and develop solutions to solve existing and new problems utilizing the power of reasoning  and inference to effectively diagnose, analyze and make decisions for NVC Fund Holding Trust and other sub-business organization.

How NVC-BI Works

NVC-BI connects digital infrastructure and services on demand at software speed via secure and software-defined interconnections. Scale hybrid development, achieve network agility and directly connect partners easily and securely. This is accomplished through sets of processes, architectures and technology that identify the problems, connect the dots, prioritize it and convert the raw business data into meaningful information that solves problems while accelerating revenue growth and process improvement.

The process is a suite of software and telecom services that help transform businesses into actionable intelligence and the capacity to deploy intelligence engineers to work on rectifying business design flaws, assumptions to improve the financial vision of  NVC Global business Services.

Our Services

NVC-BI also provide staffing and consulting to other companies. Our strategy is simple: We operate a no-nonsense approach to get project completed quicker, better, and cost-effectively. Engage us to assist with consulting expertise, and become a partner that gets the job done successfully. We deliver technology expertise in whatever way works best for our partners and other organization.

Consulting Services

In today's fast paced market driven economy, companies are  required to implement new technology, re-engineer business processes, and enhance operations. These tasks help improve inefficiencies and allow organizations achieve competitive advantages but they require expertise and resources sometime not available to growing organization - that's where we come-in.