Staffing Approach

What is Staffing Approach

At NVC-BI staffing decisions includes geocentric, ethnocentric, polycentric and regioncentric approaches. Companies that are truly global in nature adopt this approach since it utilizes a globally integrated business strategy.

How it works

Staffing Process – Top 10 Stages: Technology selection, Manpower Planning, Recruitment, Selection, Placement, Training, Development, Promotion, Transfer, Appraisal and Remuneration. Once the goals are laid down and a suitable organization structure is developed, the next function in the process of management is staffing itself.

Our Values

We specialize in cloud ERP transformation which are now accepted as the backbone of modern enterprises. These systems, replacing pens, papers and spreadsheets, are the first step in terms of the digital transformations of the enterprises.

Who we are?

We are hybrid & Cloud technology integrators. Our purpose is reimagining technology for hundreds of clients. We are committed to helping businesses think out of the box and improve people's lives. We give quick-time period, long-time period and permanent skills to non-public and public area customers. We carry hard jobs to proficient experts and specialized in ERP, Healthcare IT, Business Intelligence and Application Development. We serve clients in the course of pick national markets.